We hand craft a wide range of cornices covings and ceiling centres/roses mainly to order. The services we offer include supplying as well as proffesional fixing services. All of our plaster products are made using traditional methods, including materials such as hessian and timber laths for reinforcement, this makes them superior to any modern mass produced items.
Fibremold has been trading for 33 years, there is no procedure in plastering that we have not tackled. Our range of skills cover traditional lime plasterwork, this includes running mouldings, insitu cornices to arches which can be situated in grade 1 listed buildings. The GRP side of things has always been of interest to us, from hobby fabrication of automotive car panels to exterior panels and canopys.
We are available to recieve customers to our shop 7 days a week including evenings, this is prior to an appointment that can be made by calling us on 0113 289 1308

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