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Our Work

As well as providing sales of plaster mouldings, we also undertake many large installation projects for both private clients and commercial premises. Our work can be replicating a classic design in a public building, renovating existing mouldings in churches and roof details or creating new designs for discerning clients.

Leeds Market - Leeds City Council
In the restoration of Leeds Market we were charged with the replication and renovation of plaster detailing in the complex roof structures and ornate arches. The work involved many custom mouldings from damaged originals, which were carefully rebuilt and reproduced, then installed on site. We are proud to have been involved in this successful restoration project.

English Heritage
Another challenging project was the restoration of a huge vaulted ceiling in a local church for English Heritage. Part of the work was created on-site, and part in the workshop.

As well as traditional mouldings we recently completed the fitting of columns and arches to a popular wine bar and restaurant in Leeds. All the work was created from scratch to our own designs, and installed on-site.

Fibremold also works directly with architects, and can produce virtually any moulding from scale drawings and projections.

Fibremold Studio
  • restoration of valuable marble statues
  • replication of classic Greek statuettes
  • restoration of full size columns
  • creation of complex one-off ceiling roses
  • restoration of rare ornate wall brackets
    (including Japanese designs)
  • one-off niche designs for discerning clients
  • restoration of ornate art gallery frames