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About Us Fibremold Leeds

We are an established firm, based in Leeds for the last 20 years, specialising in plaster mouldings. Our range of products, from ornate ceiling roses, cornices, dados, niches, statues, and wall brackets are all manufactured to traditional methods, and we take great care to produce some of the best quality plaster products available today.

Our first small workshop, which opened for business in 1981, was based in Pudsey, Leeds. As plasterers in Leeds, we concentrated on the production of mouldings for supply to the general public. We soon realised that the general standard of plaster mouldings available in the UK was on the whole sub-standard, and we set out to produce our own range of products to try and correct this.

Within a short space of time we began to build a healthy client base and gradually became involved in more and more complex and demanding work, soon leading to full installations, both private houses and commercial premises. The experience we gained from these early beginnings led to working directly with architects and property renovation companies, including English Heritage.


Working with a varied client base created a number of challenges, so we split our production into 3 areas.

  • Plaster products to the general public
  • Production of new plaster products and
    installation to commercial premises
  • Restoration service and installation to older
    traditional buildings

And to aid flexibility and efficiency, we moved to much larger premises to provide space for the production of our products.

It also occurred to us, that creating ornate and complex plaster products for our various projects, only to bury them in the back of the workshop was a waste. So we will be displaying them in a new showroom. This is being fitted out at the moment, and we will be ready to display our larger pieces in the next few months.